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Beautiful classic designer furniture


Designer items of furniture have always been respected and sought after by connoisseurs of non-standard interiors. At the heart of the table, chair, arm-chair or the whole headset, made according to the individual author's project, are invincible ideas of harmony: comfort should be beautiful and practical.

Exclusive designer furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design is made with classic motifs, combining unity of style, high quality and original design. Elegant and unusual pieces of furniture, elegant mirrors, accessories, decor items, paintings, watches and carpets — each furniture product from Luxury Antonovich Design is full of sophistication and royal mood.

Designer furniture, presented in the Luxury Antonovich Home showroom, is a phenomenon that skillfully combines bright extravagance and simplicity within a single piece of furniture. Exclusive classic designer furniture:

— will form the basis of the author's interior, filling the space with it, creating an incredible refined atmosphere;

— will become bright accent and diversify the humble interior;

— will transform a decor of the room, will bring fresh notes into it.


Luxurious sofas and wide beds with expensive upholstery surrounded by classic cabinets with carved and gilded details will not leave anyone indifferent. Authentic furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design is the basis for creating harmonious interiors. The interior of the bedroom, living room or office instantly turns into a space with a twist, if it contains the author’s hand-made furniture in classic style. 

Original products from Luxury Antonovich Design are considered to be works of art, while they are fully functional and available for use. Designers have combined a strong memorable decor with the original design solutions — the furniture, surrounded by accessories, seems easy and soaring. Immediately visible are the bright colors of future interiors, a pleasant and positive combination of colors, rich textile inserts and inlays. Each element creates a warm, cozy atmosphere, but at the same time elegant and refined. Classic furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design looks like a sculptural art object — the usual chairs, armchairs, sofas and prints placed on them acquire elements of the royal world. Designer furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design, made of the best wood, has grace and confidence, quality and durability. That is what allows it to find its place in any interior. Classic designer furniture embodies quality and reliability, beauty and uniqueness in everything.

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