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Finest Elegance in Bedroom Design


Turquoise color, called the color of sea wave and is a combination of green and blue. This is one of the most soothing colors. Light and unobtrusive for the eyes, it is great for fabrics. Soothing, slightly cold, it is ideal for a bedroom.

A bedroom with turquoise interior elements from Luxury Antonovich Design will be the room that will relieve you of fatigue and stress, as well as turquoise in addition to warm tones, soothes and inspires peace and inner harmony. In the interior of the bedroom, our designers used this color to bring a touch of brightness. Turquoise bedroom, in the first minutes will cause double feelings.

Since turquoise cannot be the only one in the interior, we selected the right companion colors for it, so that the bedroom interior looks elegant, does not strain and creates the very atmosphere of relaxation that is necessary in the bedroom. The best solution for the interior of the bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design was a combination of turquoise and warm colors, they suit this bedroom in this case.


Light turquoise tones will help not only to visually expand a small room, but also give lightness. Darker shades are useful for placing accents and giving the interior a unique look. Turquoise can be used for finishing and large, spacious bedrooms, and very small. Fresh tones of turquoise are very well combined with warm tones of warm milk, cream, and in general with a whole variety of beige palette. In this case, the walls are trimmed in beige, and designer furniture, and a magnificent bed headboard and textiles have turquoise shades — this is a very pleasant combination for the eyes.

Turquoise bedroom interior can be created not only with the help of finishing materials for the walls, but also with the right choice of furniture. This combination can be complemented with curtains of turquoise color or in a beige-turquoise strip, as well as with decorative textiles of dark turquoise colors: pillows, rugs, carpets. The turquoise color in the interior of the bedroom by Luxury Antonovich Design is universal, allowing plenty to experiment and bring to life original designer solutions. Experiments can concern both a choice of color tone, and combinations of fit-out materials, furniture and decor. The beauty and tenderness of a pastel shade will be emphasized by bright and accent pillows, paintings, candles, curtains. To the light wall surfaces, we picked up the bed and chairs in a shade of turquoise. This will allow not to overdo it with a bright shade and at the same time to preserve the tenderness of intimate space.

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