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Master Bathroom design Nigeria

If you own a small apartment, you can not deny yourself the pleasure of decorating the interior in the best traditions of the royal palaces. Professional designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design will always harmoniously fit the luxurious classic style into the interior of any format. This is very vividly and expressively seen on the example of the design of this small bathroom. The interior is very elegant, despite the fact that it has a very rich decor. The formation of an integral and expressive picture of the bathroom interior begins with a marble floor with carved ornaments. Large monogram patterns perfectly complement the more laconic ceiling decor. Its pearl-white smooth surface is decorated in the center with an elegant chandelier with crystal pendants, and along the entire perimeter with neat ceiling lamps. Also, gilded narrow molding serves as additional expressiveness of this part of the space. The decor of the walls is most saturated with elegant elements. The mirror with the facet visually enlarges the space and makes it even more elegant. The main accent of the interior was a luxurious mosaic near the bathtub itself with a large floral ornament. Molded decor, marble tiles, and gilding elements set the festive and palace atmosphere to which the authors of the project aspired. And, of course, Italian furniture played a big role in the correct composition and creation of comfort in the bathroom interior. Beautiful carved elements and decor in the form of artistic painting give the atmosphere romantic charm.

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