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Bath Design Nigeria


A bathroom is a room without which we cannot imagine the life of any nowadays person. We can no longer do without such a blessing of civilization. The days when the bathroom was just a functional space are gone long time ago. Now we consider this place not only for the body, but also for our soul. Modern bathroom design of the project by Luxury Antonovich Design Nigeria will help you to get in the right mood and will radiate warmth and bring bright emotions. The interior of this bathroom reflects the character and can tell a little about the inhabitants of the house, that is why it becomes especially native.


Our team of designers are always working on a development and growing of their skills. If you want to have the best design of the bathroom by Luxury Antonovich Design, you would be provided with a wide range of services:

Field visit of designer to the object, the timing, signing the contract and taking measurements of the room.

Сreating a 3D-visualization based on all requirements and whims of the customer.

Сreating several types of project, editing and approval of right option.

Development of a detailed scheme. Preparation of the placement of plumbing, furniture, equipment, lighting elements.

Delivery of the project. Selection of finishing materials, furniture, lamps and other decor components.

Performance monitoring.

Project commissioning


Every bathroom interior must show a positive energy, recharge you, give the confidence and have a relaxing emotional effect. It all depends on the correctness of designers choice of materials, quality of furniture and light. Beauty and functionality describe the interior of the bathroom in a project of house design in Lagos in the best way. Stunning bathroom fitment, designed and decorated in a modern classic style, which amazes with its beauty, framed mirror that is perfectly consonant with window, decorated the same style and which brings the light and emphasizes the depth of all the colors. The brightness and cheer mood to the whole room is brought by curtains of the marvelous color of aquamarine, and golden molding elements.

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