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The interior of the bathroom, perhaps the second dream after the interior of the bedroom, the design of which is created exclusively for the absolute comfort of owners. This stunning in its beauty version of the design of a large bathroom has become the realization of the dreams of our customers about its exclusive interior in the Art Nouveau style. Designers of the interior design studio Luxury Antonovich Design offered a quite interesting solution in terms of interior layout. Since the large area of the bathroom, which was allocated according to the design project of the elite house, allowed to improvise with space. We proposed to make a clear division of the interior into two zones. And as a way to delimit space a luxurious partition with the original decor was used. In general, the bathroom interior (decor of walls and floors) is dominated by natural marble. This material makes the interior not only beautiful in its natural harmony, but also durable, as well as prestigious. The partition of marble is decorated with geometric ornament of polished brass. This gives the interior charm and shine. Space, where the bathroom itself is located has the effect of a beautiful infinity. This remarkable effect, designers of the interior design studio Antonovich Design achieved by using lighting accents. Walls and ceilings in a certain order adorned by the lines of LED lighting. This makes a visual effect of the infinity of the bathroom space. With all the conciseness of modern style, the designers managed to bring into this style very bright and expressive notes.

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