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Enhance your lifestyle by combining cutting edge technology with the benefits of SmartHome. The system can be individually programmed to suit your lifestyle; taking the level of comfort and convenience in your home further. iSmartHome feature a centralised control that allows you to monitor every aspect of your home with a single tap, using our user-friendly application and control panels. You can select movies or music to enjoy from anywhere. Adjust the lighting, air conditioning and check on your security systems without needing to be there. The comfort and convenience of the ultimate technological lifestyle can be yours. The possibilities are endless, whatever you can imagine iSmartHome can do. Suitable for all, whether you need it for your home, hotel or workplace.

iSmartHome Automation

Your family’s health and safety is your number one priority, and therefore we’ve made it the core of our mission. Installing iSmartHome technologies into your home means powering your peace of mind. With a simple one-time installation, our software connects the appliances of your choice to our simple, user-friendly app, which is accessible through any device.

Everything at your finger tips

Managing the schedules of busy a household and a business is difficult enough; running it doesn’t need to be. Installing iSmartHome technology only requires a one-time installation from our service providers. Automating all of your everyday activities is literally as simple as the tap of your fingertip, as all of our automations are controlled by our user-friendly application. Turn off the lights, lock the doors, turn up the volume, close the shades, all from our easy to use mobile apps!

And More

Set the mood, and glide through your day. You can literally set anything to your liking whether it’s lighting, temperature or even security measures. Monitor and limit movement areas of your home/office via motion sensors. Create a stress free home for you and the family or set an upbeat mood for your guests. Simply live conveniently. The possibilities are limitless.

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