Luxury Antonovich Design constantly guarantees quality and reliability of the wooden structures, with a deep attention to details, in the full respect of the laws and the environment.

Following an integrated supply chain, that unites passion and qualified staff’s capacity with performance and versatility of operating machines in the vanguard, it creates every architectural elements starting from the single board, guaranteeing a constant check of the selection, production and manufacturing cycles. Our structures are the result of a know-how, acquired during time and realized in the factory of Bettona (PG).

Luxury Antonovich Design is a leader company of the Italian market for know-how and production capacity.

Thanks to a careful and accurate study of the production layouts, coming from a debate between the Production Management and the Company Management, Luxury Antonovich Design has reached the best compromise between operational needs and different requests of the market. A specialized team composed by technicians and designers devoted to the realization of planning ideas, often very complicated, follows the client starting from the structural and architectonical study of every engineered wooden building type. The team gives advices to the client to make him choose the best, in order to realize a structure able to satisfy all his expectations, always paying attention to a high aesthetic impression and a high residential comfort. The aim of touching all its clients can be perceived in the company from every little detail; a tour in the new headquarter of the company is enough to involve the client into the company philosophy, attentive to the union among architecturally pleasant and briefly functional choices. The company embraces the fundamental principle of a quality policy reconciling sustainability of the industrial development with the inclination to the environment preservation. It continuously invests in the technical training of its staff and adopts, during the production processes, check measures regarding warehousing, division and classification of the manufacturing remains, energy recovering of the wastes coming from the manufacturing of the wood, purification of wastewaters, decrease of acoustic pollution and check of atmospheric emissions.  The company’s commitment does not limit to the internal production processes, but it also extends to the selection of raw materials: they are chosen from the ones having a minor impact at the origin, recyclable and harmless for the environment.

Mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) systems represent a significant portion of any project's construction costs. We offer integrated MEP and systems support services throughout each phase of a construction project's lifecycle.

Provided services include planning and programming, equipment procurement, MEP estimating, lifecycle analysis, design assistance, construction operations support, startup and testing commissioning, and ongoing operations and maintenance support.

Our engineers have extensive experience designing mep systems for new construction and renovations and upgrades to existing mep systems. The combined professional project experience of our team covers a wide spectrum of specialized knowledge and includes schools, laboratories, offices, residential buildings, warehouses, malls, computer centers, manufacturing and governmental projects.

We can assist you with making the right choice. We appreciate the opportunity to install, service, and test & inspect your every MEP need.

The Luxury Antonovich Design Company provides and delivers the full range of services for our customers:

Air filtration systems
Water supply
Water heating and cooling
Irrigation systems
Telephone, data, Wi-Fi & TV
Smart home automation
Home theater & sound systems
CCTV, conference and BBX
Fire fighting & Fire Alarm
Swimming pool filtration, cooling & heating)
 survey of measurements of the placement, the execution of measurement drawings with indication of the specific of the area, size dimensions and areas of the premises;
 analysis of engineering-geological survey and engineering diagnostic studies;
 target-setting and monitoring technological processes;
 3D visualization of the full future project;
 development of functional zoning schemes with the allocation of technological;
 development of the concept of interior design of any building, room and landscape (3D visualizations implementation);
 performance of the full drawing package of design project (architectural drawings) for further repair and construction work;
 establishment of a full package of working drawings of all engineering systems, such as: water supply system and sanitation sector, air conditioning and ventilation, electrics, communication network and lines/ transmission network, etc.;
 estimate drawing and other related documentation;
 selection and purchase of materials for construction and, decoration and finishing (fit out);
 personal control of the construction and design process.