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Unique Curtain Design


Fashion trends affect not only the appearance and style of clothing, but also the house interior — from the actual decoration of the walls or ceiling to the colors of beautiful fabrics of the curtains. The key to selection the right window decoration is an important fact taking into account all the features of the house interior. The world of textures and colors, the harmony of simple forms and unique design — all this you can easily find in the interior and architectural studio Luxury Antonovich Design.

Our textile designer is the personal stylist of your interior. With the help of fabrics, you can emphasize the softness of the forms, the dynamism of the lines, and the extravagance of accessories and create a mood of the room. Designer curtains are style at the peak of modernity. From advice to an individual design project for an apartment, home, office, textiles — the designers of Luxury Antonovich Design offer you all their knowledge and experience. Curtains from our designers will decorate any room in your house or apartment, office or restaurant. Unique designer curtains will look great in any room — from bedroom to kitchen, the bathroom to home office.


In order to create a unique interior, it is important not to forget about the crucial moment — decoration of windows. The composition on the window by Luxury Antonovich Design will help to complete the architect’s single design, emphasize the style and bring fresh breath into the familiar and beloved interior. Our company Luxury Antonovich Design is engaged in the design and tailoring of amazing quality textiles from the best fabrics: curtains, tulle, lambrequins, bedspreads, decorative pillows. We work with fabrics of various European and world manufacturers from Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany and more.

Our skilled craftsmen will easily provide a huge selection of curtains for any sophisticated interior:

  • Classic;
  • French
  • Italian
  • Austrian;
  • Roman
  • English
  • Japanese

In addition to them, we will offer all sorts of accessories — brushes, fringes, bugles and crystals and much more.

Curtains, made by a unique project of Luxury Antonovich Design require a careful approach to the choice of accessories. Unique designer curtains can combine in it fabrics and ornaments from opposite styles. Selecting material for sewing curtains, our designers take into account their style, the functional purpose of the room and the curtains themselves, especially the layout, interior style.

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