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Majlis design in Tehran

Majlis design in Tehran by Luxury Antonovich Design is to create an exclusive and luxurious options. We combine classic style, oriental style, and modern technology. Classic does not cease to be fashionable. Majlis design in Tehran in this field are created to emphasize the high quality of life, subtlety of taste and style excellence. They are associated with the family comfort, pleasant rest, aesthetics. Everyone in the Majlis welcomes guests, resting, does what he likes. In it, there is harmony, comfort, and luxury.

The distinctive features of Majlis design in Tehran are:

  • symmetry;
  • calm;
  • the predominance of a soft color palette;
  • lack of equipment;
  • expensive furniture;
  • unique decor in the form of paintings, fireplaces, columns;
  • natural finish;
  • exquisite textiles;
  • availability of unique accessories (mirrors, porcelain figurines, boxes, candlesticks).

Good looks Majlis design in Tehran with a high ceiling. In design is necessary to think through every detail in advance. This will rationally choose the decorating elements. Do not forget about the arrangement in the interior Majlis design in Tehran a sufficient amount of furniture to comfortably accommodate guests. In the decor of windows, a nice look has heavy curtains with lambrequins, expensive curtains, and beautiful modern cornices. This design perfectly underlines the luxury of classical style.

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