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House design in Tehran

House design in Tehran by Luxury Antonovich Design is creating an individual decor of the premises from world experts. This process is a multi-component. There are many factors that shape the overall picture, combining into one action, repairing, placement of interior items, adjustment plan - creating an unrivaled style and harmony.

In order to make a unique, harmonious comfortable for you interior, design studio Luxury Antonovich Design, provides services for the development and implementation of such works in Tehran:

  • Selection of individual style
  • considering customer requirements and features of the room;
  • Placement of furniture taking into account its maximum functional use, in the type and layout of premises;
  • The selection of furniture and decor that match this style;
  • Choosing efficient sources of illumination and decoration, in harmony with the overall style.
  • Create photorealistic visualization of the interior with all details, the decor;
  • Preparation of working drawings necessary for further repairs.

Carefully designed, selected and embodied all the stages of the work, we can easily solve even the most complex design tasks by creating for you a comfortable and stylish embodiment of your ideas. What do you get when working with interior design studio in Tehran? The attentive and experienced professionals, qualitative and timely repair works, selection of decorative items and interior according to your preferences, with all the modern trends, fashion, and practicality in design.


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