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Finishing facade is an important step in building of beautiful and safe house. Improved thermal protection, increased the durability of the building, environmental friendliness and of course aesthetic look - this is just the basic tasks, the solution of which is the Exterior design in Tehran.

Design studio Luxury Antonovich Design creating the exterior design for:

  • private house, cottage;
  • hotel;
  • store or shopping center;
  • restaurant or café;
  • office building;
  • industrial buildings;
  • entertainment center;
  • multistorey apartment building.

Exterior - is the appearance of the building, its form and function, the set of its all elements. Exterior defines the architectural style of the building. Exterior design - an attractive and original look of the building, private house, shop, cafe, restaurant or other places.

Exterior design in Tehran of house begins with a sketch, that is sketch of the contours of the future house facade. Exterior design is performed by the architect as a hand sketch or using architectural modeling software. Final appearance the house depends on how the design project of your home will be implemented, already directly during commissioning.

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