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Villa Design in South Africa

Creating a home starts with an idea and a choice of style. For the project of this house South Africa, the Art Deco style was chosen in its festive and splendid style. And the barely perceptible features of the classical style added a touch of nobility to this holiday of life. Projects of private houses today require not only talent and professionalism, but also a subtle understanding of fashion trends in design and architecture.

The owners of the elite mansion in South Africa, before choosing to choose the Art Deco style, carefully studied the photo of the interiors that were realized by the studio. What they dreamed of, and even more, was realized by interior designers South Africa. The festive mood of luxury and splendor begins with the interior of the hall. Light shades from white to gently creamy in the decor of the walls and ceiling are underlined by mirror panels. The stylish interior of the house is full of author's decor, which very harmoniously combined mirrors, marble and velvet into one luxurious picture of the author's interior in the Art Deco style. A beautiful highlight in the interior of the hall was a mirror panel with a facet, which the interior designer decorated the end of the staircase, which leads to the second floor of the building. The beautiful lounge flows smoothly into the villa of a stunning living room, from which it is simply breathtaking. There is no place for modesty and restraint. Here everything is reminiscent of the fact that life is beautiful and filled with happiness. The marble surface of the floors is decorated with exquisite patterns of carved brown stone.

It was with the help of patterns on the floor that interior designers defined the central part of the living room and its borders. The decoration of marble is also present in the decor of the walls. Marble surface on the walls, surrounded by curls of carved decor and mirror elements enhances the brilliance and beauty of the elite interior. Luxurious furniture is studded with noble cream shade. Overflows of noble fabrics marvelously harmonize with the pearlescent shine of decorative plaster on the ceiling. In the author's interior, the dining area and the living room area are traditionally united into a single whole. And it was through the design of the ceiling that the designers defined the boundaries of these zones thinly and naturally. The ceiling is completed with large elements of stucco decoration and exquisite curls and two elegant chandeliers with small shades and large crystal pendants.

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