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Living room design in South Africa

Each author's design is a project from the interior design company Luxury Antonovich Design, like a diamond with a unique cutting. Interior designers South Africa created a beautiful interior in the Art Deco style. Spectacular author's decisions have brought a striking picture of the interior of the house with a touch of novelty and practicality. The spacious villa South Africa combine a dining area and a living room.  Each space is an independent and complete picture, in which the decoration of windows, the design of walls and ceiling harmonizes. The unifying element in the author's interior of the living room was a floor made of natural wood of a valuable breed. With the help of the ceiling decor, interior designers South Africa zoned the space. Shallow niches with smooth outlines adorn the elegant curls of stucco molding. In the center of each niche is a smart chandelier. Additional hidden illumination along the perimeter of each of the niches sets the magical effect of playing chiaroscuro on curls of stucco decor. Most of the interior space is occupied by a large dining room, emphasizing the cordiality and hospitality of home owners. A large oval table is located in the center of the room. Around the dining area, the interior was decorated with tall pillars decorated with black marble and silvery capitals. The table from a natural tree is encrusted with a carved decor of handwork. Elements of carved decor decorate and high backs of soft chairs. Elite status of the interior was emphasized by luxurious curtains made of natural silk of chocolate shade, which were gracefully picked up by wide ribbons. The design of the house South Africa in the style of Art Deco impresses with its unique charm and exquisite picture of modern luxury.

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