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Memory, alas, is very unreliable, but the photos help to preserve memories of relatives, favorite places, bright events and even remind of the cities that you want to visit. Photos can be stored in an old family album, or you can proudly put on public display, hanging on the wall. And what else do you need interior design photos in the apartment?

In addition to the decorative function, in the interior design photos, appropriately designed, are able to visually adjust the space: expand the walls, emphasize the style, make the room more spacious, etc.

Interior design photos can be divided into three categories:

Photo from the family archive;

Decorative - about 20x30 cm and more, with an interesting plot;

Posters - large format photos, with a minimum of details, macro photography, etc.

Interior design photos: ways of placement

1. The simplest and most common is on a wall in a frame or without a frame. If there is a fireplace, then you can hang it. Mounted to the wall it can be and with the help of stretched threads, strings, hangers, etc.

2. On racks and shelves, in a wall niche, on a coffee table, screen, piano and other suitable horizontal surfaces.

3. Wall panel. You can attach a photo to the wall and create a photo collage.

4. Order photo printing on ceramic tiles and lay out a part of the wall in the dining area or bathroom. Continuation of this idea is to apply images to stretch ceilings, order a triplex with photos. By the way, in a triplex between two layers it is possible to place photos from a personal archive in the form of a collage.

5. Now you can order the application of photos on decorative pillows, bedding, photo-blinds. Just do not overdo with the amount of furnishings on which there will be photographs.

A few tips for interior design photos

1. Designers argue that it's best to use professional and amateur shots for interior design photo decorating. Decorative photos are the core of the interior design photos.

2. The frame should fit precisely to the photo.The only thing, if you hang a photo on the brickwork, then give preference to the black frames. In all other cases, you can choose from wooden, silver, golden, etc. The most common materials for frames: wood, plastic, metal.

3. You can hang a number of frames of different colors, but they should all be either cold colors or bright. Mixing is not recommended.

4. Do not forget about the illumination of photos that play the role of the semantic center of the interior: use sconces, spots or LED. There are also special lamps, where is a photo on the front side.

5. If there are several photos on the wall, then the center of the group should be at a height of 1.5 m from the floor level. In the middle of the composition should be the largest frame, and the rest is arranged so that the outlines of a square or a rectangle turn out. If you want to add some dynamics to the interior, use a photo contrasting with the main color of the room.

6. Interior design photos should emphasize the chosen interior style.

Classical style requires wooden, gilded frames, sometimes even with stucco and carvings. Inside, there are strict single or group portraits, photography of landscapes or still lifes.

Hi-Tech will manifest itself in black-and-white photographs in the metal or plastic frame.

For Country and Provence, it is better to use wooden frames with photos of flowers or nature.

7. Consider the purpose of the room in which you want to hang a photo.

In the hall and in the office, photo-landscapes and portraits are appropriate, in the kitchen - still-lifes and "kitchen" stories, in the bedroom - personal or candid photos. In the children's room, you can hang a few photos documenting how fast your child grows.

8. It is desirable to group only color or only black and white photos in one room. It is better all the photos in the composition have a common theme and a framework of one material.

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