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Interior Design South Africa

Emotionally filled and delicately luxurious interior South Africa has a very bright character. 

The marble surface of the floors with curls of carved patterns shimmers with beautiful glare under the light of a chandelier. Filled with a mass of spectacular design techniques ceiling decor, perfectly complements the amazing decor of the walls. The most striking accent in the interior of the hall was a beautiful art painting framed by graceful snow-white half-columns with stucco capitals.

The delightful look of the luxurious hall continues laconically with an even more beautiful painting that opens in the living room. Most of the ceiling is decorated with exquisite composition. The elegant chandelier in the classic style is complemented by the original ceiling decor and a lot of small ceiling lamps with crystal pendants. Thus, every corner of the living room interior receives enough light. Here moments of modern luxury are very clearly reflected. To harmoniously fit in the interior paintings of artists, the designers used the classic carved frames with gilding. Soft wall panels of velvet in warm colors, mirror panels with facet and textile wallpaper with damask ornaments, all this sets the tone for a certain mood in the house. Wall panels brought charming notes of softness and tenderness. Curtains made of natural silk with a charming wave of soft lambrequin are designed to complement the shine and radiance of the interior.

In the interior of the bedroom, designers South Africa continued the combination of modern classics and art deco. However, here is a slightly different tonality of the interior, more restrained and romantic with seductive notes.  An effective addition to the interior was the elite Italian furniture in artistic painting and carved decor of handmade. Saturation with a variety of decorative techniques looks very laconic and fills the interior with harmony. 


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