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House Design South Africa

Each interior story begins with the dream of its ideal home.

Owners of this house South Africa dreamed of getting their own oasis, in which every corner repeats their view of the world, the understanding of the beautiful and the sense of space. Modern style with light impregnations of art deco became the basis for the design concept of the project South Africa. The interior of the house was very elegant, refined and stylish.

The beautiful hall was the perfect start to a beautiful interior painting of the villa South Africa in a modern style. The glitter of a floor from a natural marble echoes with a flickering of a crystal chandelier. 

A bright accent was the decoration of the ceiling with the help of plaster casting with geometric ornament. Under the sunlight and the light of the chandelier the ceiling plays with chiaroscuro and fills the room with a special artistic expressiveness. The advantage of planning the apartment was the presence of a large panoramic window in the living room. Near it, interior designers placed a dining area. To leave an opportunity to admire the panoramic views, the window is decorated with a translucent tulle of white color. 

Furniture perfectly fit into the overall cozy picture. Upholstery made of soft velvet gives pleasant tactile sensations. The chest of drawers and showcases of cocoa shade with glossy shine give the room a charming and "tasty" mood.

The space is not loaded with unnecessary details and, nevertheless, there is everything necessary for a comfortable pastime.

The interior of the dining room is distinguished by its perfect functionality and modern comfort. A beautiful contrast of natural wood and facades of a milky shade visually expands the space of the dining room and makes it more expressive. Ergonomics is achieved due to a clear thoughtfulness of all furniture parameters. To complement the interior with festive notes, the kitchen was decorated with a smart chandelier.

The impeccability of every detail of the interior creates an aesthetically pleasing picture that pleases the eye. The project implementation became an ideal embodiment of all design ideas.

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