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Architectural design South Africa

Architectural design South Africa - is the art of decorating rooms in the tradition of classic American bungalows. But originally such structures appeared in the Indian province of Bengal in the XVIII century and were intended for settling British colonists.

Bungalow - a small one-story house with a low ceiling, sloping roof and without stairs. The main thing here is the rational use of living space. So, in the bungalow design, only built-in cabinets and shelves are used, which saves a lot of useful space. All rooms are located compactly. All rooms are located compactly. Usually, the bathroom, bedroom, and other rooms are located around one common living room. For finishing, natural materials, especially wood, are used.

In interior bungalow design, the concept of brevity and simplicity comes to the fore. Furniture here is always light, made of straw or bamboo. It does not clutter up space, leaving a feeling of fullness with air.

As for color solutions, the Bungalow style uses natural motifs: bright yellow imitates the sun, white - sand in the desert, blue - the sky, etc. There will also be appropriate non-standard colors, for example, purple or maroon.

Directions of bungalow design

In the bungalow design, there are two main directions that are characterized as old and new. The new direction has largely differed from the traditional bungalows. It can be luxurious mansions of a large area, decorated in this cozy style. But still, the old direction does not lose popularity. Here, the emphasis is placed on natural materials, hand-made.

Traditional bungalows are one-story buildings with a thatched roof. They are very functional, they do not have space for large corridors and spacious non-residential premises. Literally, every square centimeter of the square is used. The horizontal orientation of the rooms and the absence of stairs are typical. Sometimes there is an attic in the bungalow.

One-story dwelling with a sloping thatched roof, which is a large living room, to which small personal and household premises adjoin - it is these associations that should cause the bungalow design. Differences from the styles of Country, Provence is that initially, the construction of such an interior is possible only with a certain layout - studio apartment or, better, a house designed in the form of a bungalow.

The design parameters of the bungalow design layout are completely unambiguous.

Low ceilings are designed to emphasize the horizontal nature of the room.

Stairs should not be, therefore, the house is one-story.

Emptiness is not welcome - each zone is functional.

Furnishing is reduced to a minimum, giving preference to the built-in furniture. Only sleeping places, dining and coffee zones. Partially this furniture is pushed into the niche, for example, behind the headboard.

As the interior items, wall tapestries and hand-made draperies are used. Compact bright plants are tolerable in small pots.

Bungalow design - well-selected finishing materials

The choice of decoration is determined by the architectural solution of the premises. The bungalow itself is the wooden house construction, hence the floor is made of simple natural wood, the texture of which can be emphasized by varnishing and a contrasting bright bamboo mat or carpet.Ceiling - even or mansard type - also made of wood: a board or imitating of wood beams.

The walls can be covered with relief plaster, painted, wallpapered. The palette is a brown wood, purple, blue; It is appropriate to combine black, purple, scarlet, orange.

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