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Luxury house plan from Luxury Antonovich Design is the design of cottages and country houses of different levels of complexity.

We try to take into account many wishes of its customers. In this case, steady adherence to the basic idea of the project is a significant, the preservation of its individuality and uniqueness.

Luxury house plan from Luxury Antonovich Design - a complex and painstaking work that requires a detailed study of the customer's tastes. We are always looking for new innovative solutions while paying attention to the details.

We develop for you house project design and the interior design in any style: antiquity, classicism, Baroque, Art Deco, Modernism, hi-tech, minimalism, etc..

In addition to quality of work, uniqueness and constructive solutions in the interior of rooms and other facilities, you will probably be pleasantly surprised by our prices, because the services of architectural and design bureau Luxury Antonovich Design is the world's highest level of services.

One of our activities is the development of architectural decisions facades of buildings of different purposes. A well-designed facade can change the architectural appearance of the new building or the building built to bring more beautiful appearance.


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