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Architect in Medina

Architect in Medina from Luxury Antonovich Design is the design and construction of houses and which reveals the identity of the Customer and the architect at the same time. Architect in Medina from Luxury Antonovich Design is the use of different styles, materials and techniques, which make each, project a bright and individual. We invite all interested customers in Medina to order the project of the country house designed exactly to your personal wishes, lifestyle, family composition and characteristics of the construction site.

Our task to improve is gracefully and wisely the quality of customer's life. The main stages of the project are departure to the site, photographic images, familiarization with the landscape, the environment, the determining of the optimal location for the house, auxiliary buildings, and elements of landscape design. The development of the concept of the object will be based on (creation of a common style, space planning, the organization of interior space, the interaction of interior and exterior, taking into account the location of the house on the site). The key planning decisions are discussed with the customer at this stage.

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