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Majlis design in Kuwait

Majlis design in Kuwait by Luxury Antonovich Design. Majlis - the most important, most visited room of any home in the Orient, therefore traditionally pay more attention to its designing. It should be comfortable for a large number of guests and suitable for a cozy privacy. For this reason, we have to combine space and functionality when choosing an elite decoration option..

What imply luxury design Majlis:

  • Free space. Beautiful furniture;
  • Natural materials in the decoration;
  • Style and unique designer taste;
  • The original decor.

Majlis design in Kuwait by Luxury Antonovich Design created with rational planning decisions, separation of functional areas. Each room is carefully studied, taken into account the smallest details.

Styles is selected depending on the customer's wishes. Luxury interiors Majlis may be made in a classic style. The classic style characterized by using of expensive wood, noble "heavy" curtains, carved furniture, crystal chandeliers, gilded canvases. All elements of the decor look dignified and noble.


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