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Premium class furniture Bahrain

Production of Luxury Furniture Bahrain

Most of the villas and other residential projects in Bahrain have a classical concept design with very high requirements when it comes to design implementations and selection of luxury furniture materials. Luxury Antonovich Design has been handling most of the Royal Style interior design projects in Bahrain that has been very successfully accomplished in the most glamorous and elegant style. 

Exclusive Interior design Bahrain by Katrina Antonovich

Premium class furniture Bahrain by Katrina Antonovich 

Selecting premium class furniture Bahrain has been always a priority matter in completing the full interior design arrangements and the Luxury Antonovich Design has been the best partner of every client towards to achieve their dream home come true with the most luxurious and elegant interior design Bahrain. We have the top-notch architects, interior designers and project managers who are very capable to perform the most outstanding work performance.

Exclusive Interior Design Bahrain

Premium class furniture Bahrain

A great selection of hues, design and furniture arrangement is very important in the full project developments and the Luxury Antonovich Design team is offering the complete services and solutions from space planning, visualization stage, design implementations, selection of materials, and supervision up to the turnkey stage. Our team has been always extending its effort and capacity to make sure that every project will achieve the most satisfying interior design set up.

Exclusive Interior design Bahrain

Premium class furniture Bahrain

Luxury Antonovich Design has its own factory and manufacturing that has the full ability to produce all types of furniture design and concept as well as exclusive furniture design. Luxury Antonovich Design is also very well known as the best provider of customized furniture design that will let every interior design arrangement to achieve the most unique and sophisticated setting. 

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