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Classical Furniture, Supplying, Installation in Bahrain


Classic furniture in Bahrain: authentic, vintage, beautiful. These three characteristics are what completes the designs of Luxury Antonovich Design. Authentic because we stay true to our core which is luxury interior designs. We continue to provide the best luxury furniture collection in the country and across the world. Authenticity is important to us because this is the embodiment of our company. We are a luxury company that provides luxury furniture to our clients in Bahrain. Take a look at our designs to have an idea of our work. 

Katrina Antonovich - Award-Winning Supplying Designer

Vintage because despite the modern trend of minimalism, we continue to deliver classic interior and furniture designs that simplify beauty and elegance. Our take on vintage design is simple: it should not be overdone. Its beautiful creative execution comes from the material. The high-quality design is crafted to make the most amazing details available.

Beautiful because in every theme or style, we always make sure that each and every furniture and interior design is done in its most beautiful way. Despite the trends and changes in the furniture industry, we always take note of how beautiful our work is. This stems from our core which is creating luxury beautiful furniture designs that have a luxury and elegant beauty in every angle.

We also provide supplying of furniture in Bahrain. The furniture designs that we have are customizable and can easily go well with your desired interior design. The creations are all done in its most luxurious way to have a sense of beauty and elegance. Supplying of furniture has been done several and multiple times in Luxury Antonovich Design.

Aside from creating beautiful luxury furniture creations, we also provide installations. These installations will make your room more beautiful. Be it a bedroom, dining room, kitchen or any part of your room. We have tallied the best techniques in installations and we are sure that you will love our designs of furniture creations.

With the present circumstance of inside structure, it is particularly expected to locate a high quality inside structure company that has every one of the needs to make a wonderful design for each family who wishes to have a delightful life. Luxury Antonovich Design is in Bahrain to cater to the richest in the country. We specialize in luxury interior design and luxury furniture pieces. Contact us through these details to know more about us:

  • +971 54 757 9888
  • +971 55 999 4994
  • +971 50 607 2332
  • +971 56 447 4000
  • +971 4 551 3144

2301 office, 23 fl, Tower 1 Boulevard Plaza, Dubai 2301

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