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Majlis is not only the face of the luxury villa but also the most multi-functional room. It serves for the reception of guests, the friendly parties, get-togethers and as a place to gather the whole family. That is why interior should configure to rest, to give a lot of positive emotions, but at the same time to show the status and sense of style by the owners. As the Majlis should be selected room, which in its form is close to the square.Majlis design in Doha from Luxury Antonovich Design is always a harmonious interiors.

Majlis design in Doha, as an area for recreation, is inconceivable without the presence of sofas, armchairs, and a dining area. All this should be located in accordance with the local zones.Doha interior designers will help define them for you, whose mission - to create the perfect place for the reception, where your guests  will feel  like at home and not feel discomfort. In addition, the development of Majlis design in Doha designer takes into account all the nuances and all customer needs.

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