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Exterior design in Doha from Luxury Antonovich Design - is the development of the  building exterior, creating it an attractive and original way, friendly to  the environment. Choice of exterior design largely depends on the purpose of the building. This can be a vacation home, a restaurant or a cafe, shop, office building, etc. In this regard, we highlight several areas in Exterior design in Doha.

During the process of a creation  design of exterior cafe or restaurant is necessary to solve several problems: to make the facade noticeable by the people to pay attention to it; to make it attractive,with a  purpose  what  person would have a desire to visit this place; choose the color and lighting solution so that the building would look original and interesting at any time of the day.

When designing the  exterior of an office building it is necessary to provide an external originality and attractiveness and emphasize the company level.

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