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Kitchen Interior Design Abuja

Kitchen Interior Design Abuja

The design of the apartment in Abuja is made in neoclassic style with the observance of the best traditions and applying modern trends. The interior design of the kitchen in this author's project of the Studio Luxury Antonovich Design went beyond the ordinary. The interior of the kitchen has become an inseparable part of the living room space. Interior designers Dubai exquisitely emphasized in this project a great taste and owners' love of the beauty. Here everything says that in the house there is always warmth, home coziness, benevolent atmosphere, and the owners of the apartment have an easy and open character.

It is this lightness and openness that the interior designers of the Antonovich Design bring to the arrangement of the elite apartment.

A small dining room with an oval table and graceful soft chairs bring a touch of cheerful mood to the interior of the kitchen. Bright facades visually expand the interior space. In the overall range of light pastel shades, the decoration of the windows is clearly and expressively looked. The elegant look of the interior was complemented by curtains made of noble silk of caramel shade. Curtains in a classic style with soft folds drapery harmoniously complement the interior of the kitchen and dining room. The highlight of each author's studio project of Luxury Antonovich Design becomes a floor decor. In this beautiful interior of the kitchen, the marble smooth surface of the floor is decorated with exquisitely carved decor with ornate curls. The ceiling design sets the festive mood for each meal, which will take place in such a luxurious interior.

The interior design of the kitchen is part of the beautiful image of modern luxury.

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