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Swimming pool interior


The design of the private swimming  pool is determined not only by the unique and original look of the decoration, but also by the design features of installation and connection to utilities.

Before the beginning of the development of design projects of swimming pool it is very important to decide what type of the pool you are gonna create. The classification of such structures is carried out according to:

— the location of the reservoir — open and closed;

— method of diversion of water — skimmer and overflow;

— designs — collapsible and stationary.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company always ready to help you with creation the most incredible and fantastic swimming pool interior designs. Here we have some useful advises for you:

1. Make an image in your head, which will fit your lifestyle.

2. Make sure you've created a nice livable area for the swimming pool interior.

3. Try to be unique and pick up unusual characteristics.

4. Light up the water in swimming pool and the surrounding sidewalks.

5. Build the tranquil atmosphere with water features.

6. No need to worry about the weather conditions.

7. Be attentive with floor finishing.

8. Make your pool part of the decor.

9. Consider merging the spaces.

10. Blend your swimming pool into the natural look.


When equipping a swimming pool in a private house the owner faces with a whole range of tasks and difficulties:

— the special work for the protection of buildings from high humidity;

— organization of space heating, ventilation, cleaning;

— choice of lighting;

— decoration and finishing materials.

That is why dedicated and professional team of designers and decorators of Luxury Antonovich Design is always ready to help you in any difficult minute. There are no challenges we can not overcome.

A swimming pool of any type must be embedded in the interior design of a house or the landscape of a private area. This allows to implement the idea in the general style of the interior. As a result, you get a single style design of the entire residential complex, which immediately makes it attractive and increases its value.

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