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Pool Interior Design

The pool design matches the overall design concept of the project. Villa design Dubai is in a contemporary style with Art Deco accents. This delicious combination is also present in the pool interior. In such interior features a clear trend of using modern technology. Pool interior design from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design allows new ways of lighting the pool, a new water treatment methods and other innovations that help make the absolute comfort. The design of the swimming pool has a very sunny mood. Large pool deck with a blue surface of the water surrounded by magnificent moments in the decoration of the walls and ceiling. To fill the pool interior with sufficient amount of light at any time of the day, interior designers Dubai offered a broad line of ceiling lighting, a few chandeliers and many other lamps. Pool interior design is an aesthetic and sensual pleasure. The aesthetics of the interior complements the art panel with graphical representation of architecture. A mirrored panel in the wall decor enhances the luster of luxury.

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