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Magnificent beauty salon


Beauty salon is an institution where the feeling of comfort and coziness is important. Only in this case the master is able to establish a full-fledged contact with the client, and the client can relax and enjoy the procedures. You can easily create an appropriate atmosphere by ordering an individual beauty salon design by Luxury Antonovich Design.

The design of the beauty salon from the design and architecture studio Luxury Antonovich Design is a properly designed space for the convenience of the wizard and the comfort of the salon clients. Based on the latest trends in interior design our team of professionals develop an interesting solution and help in its implementation.

Elegant, stylish and a little bit strict — this is how you can characterize the interior design of this beauty salon by Luxury Antonovich Design. Our designers managed to create a light and bright mood thanks to a harmonious combination of white and creamy shades. As a result you can notice there a slight shade of glamour. The interior design of this salon can serve as an example of beauty, grooming and fashion. The attractive aesthetics of the setting here is balanced by practicality, and the functionality echoes with the original idea.


Planning designt:

— measurements of the premises and the study of the object (removal of measurements and drawing up schematic drawings of the premises);

— drawing up a complete set of the project in accordance with one of the tariff packages and conclusion of an agreement.

Technical task:

— study the wishes of the client;

— research and analysis of business processes;

— definition of style direction and color scheme for the project.

Architectural solution:

— plan of space planning with the layout of furniture and equipment (2-3 options);

— adjustments to the plan and making changes;

— creation of 3-D models of premises with the location of furniture, equipment, ceilings, lighting and communications (3-D visualization).

3-D visualization:

— study of style and color solutions;

— use of materials and textures in decoration and furniture (2–3 options);

— creation of photorealistic 3-D visualization following the results of coordination of the previous stage.

Working draft:

Development and implementation of subsequent construction works:

— dismantling (if needed);

— installation work for walls, ceilings and floors;

— plumbing and sanitary;

— electrician;

— lighting;

— air conditioning;

— heating;

— finishing works;

— selection of custom-made furniture;

Project architect's supervision.

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