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Office Interior in Classical Style

For the interior of the study spacious place was allocated on the second floor of the luxury villa in Dubai. Houses Design Dubai reflects the beautiful features of modern classics that in every project of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design elite interior design obtains a unique character. In accordance with the best traditions of neoclassicism the office interior design was developed. Interior Designers Dubai conditionally divided the study into two zones. The work area itself and recreation area. After hard work, you can relax on a comfortable sofa. This separation is very clearly marked by the use of different colors and textures. Thus in the working zone valuable species wood prevails. Large shelves filled almost the entire wall, and on their background very harmonious gorgeous table with carved decor looks. The other side is decorated with textile wallpaper in pale green tones. Luxurious space of the study is combined with windows decoration with curtains of precious silk.

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