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Majlis Interior in Saudi Arabia

Arabic Majlis Interior Design from the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio represents a major tradition of eastern culture. This tradition is exceptional attention to the guests. The cordiality and hospitality are always inherent in the house in the east. And the interior design of the villa in Saudi Arabia included designing of the project Majlis, Majlis for men and for women. These rooms are designed for relaxation with family and friends.Due to a purpose of the interior , the interior designers, Saudi Arabia has paid close attention to furniture placement. To our valued customers design interior Luxury Antonovich Design studio, offers unique solutions and furniture design. This luxurious UAE majlis for the female half of the family. The main decoration of the room was luxurious sofas. They are placed along the perimeter walls. Silk blue hue upholstery shimmering by nacre. Carved decoration with gilding enhances of the sofas luxurious appearance. The ceiling is decorated in the best traditions of the classical style. Petals stucco decoration play a chiaroscuro light under the luxurious crystal chandelier. In the interior there is a beautiful mix of oriental style, classic style and Art Deco. Walls are decorated in the spirit of Art Deco. Mirrored panels of forged metal ornaments with gilding give illusion of space infinity. The floors are decorated with precious marble with carved patterns. Ornament resonates with ornaments on the walls. Even more festive look interior Majlis have , due to the additional illumination of furniture and walls.

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