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Majlis design in Ras al-Khaimah from Luxury Antonovich Design design studio has become a harmonious continuation of the luxurious interior of the villa. The tender mood of lightness and freshness that embraces in the interior is based on a pleasant range of bright colors. Filling the room from the silver to the mint tint and gives it its own special charm. Our design studio specializes in premium services and creating the unique beauty of the interiors. We never make the same and each interior Majlis becomes the new jewel in the series of author's projects. Majlis design in Ras al-Khaimah is based on a combination of cultural traditions and innovative ideas of designers and opportunities of new technologies. The floors are the interior is decorated with luxurious Italian marble with a large monogram ornament. Soft sofas upholstered in silk velvet most delicate hue of mint. Small table with classic lamp complements each of the sofas for comfort. The windows in the Majlis interior curtained by luxurious drapes of silk with printed patterns of silvery hue. The ornament motifs on the fabric repeated on the silk wallpaper in the walls decoration. Against the background of bright silvery wallpaper, look stylishly paintings, and elegant lamps in the form of candlesticks. The ceiling is designed in the best traditions of the classical style. On the snow-white surface of the ceiling look great two elegant crystal chandeliers. Harmonious continuation of the interior Majlis in Ras al-Khaimah became a spacious dining room with luxurious furnishings. Everything indicates that the house always welcomes guests and are ready to give them the best.