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Luxury Lady Majlis Design

An architectural and design company Luxury Antonovich Design has created a fascinating and at the same time delightful Lady Majlis Design. The true specialists of international renown embodied light notes of sweet spring mood in this space. Every item is made with a special design sophisticated taste. The high quality and original upholstery emphasizes the noble accents of the room. The delicate pastel colors give a calm and soft atmosphere. A note of the light blue creates a truly peaceful and cozy atmosphere at home. Interior in such range of colors helps to relax and unwind. It looks fresh and tidy at the same time. There are round mirrors with gold forged handmade frame. It is a perfect complement to the interior. This element of the decor decorates not only the room, but also highlights the originality and uniqueness of the design. The small decorative tables that are placed around the perimeter are used for trays and teapots with tea.  You should pay attention to the elegant curtains. Stylish with classic accents, the sewing of curtains looks great and perfect. The delightful attire for the windows talks about the refined designer taste of the house owners. The crystal chandeliers dazzle guests with its shimmering views. The luxurious decoration of the ceiling. A perfect touch in the interior design is a wall decoration. It is made with a unique design method with the refined patterns. An architectural and design company Luxury Antonovich Design creates magnificent works, which will be a source of pride and an aesthetic pleasure.

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