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Luxury arabic majlis

A luxurious oriental tale with Moroccan motifs embodied in a cozy and comfortable interior design concepts of the living room by interior designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design. Themes of Orient and Morocco in the interiors are increasingly becoming popular exactly in the interior design drawing of the living rooms. After all, it is no secret that the feature of Eastern culture is the outstanding hospitality and a desire to provide guests with only the best. And in the interior of the living room, with the help of luxurious interior decor, interior designer riyadh demonstrate not only a high status of house owners but also their hospitality and good taste.To create such a beautiful, elegant and gorgeous interior, we had to really appreciate this culture. Arabic patterns in the decoration of walls, ceilings, and furniture, is the author's work of studio designers.The decoration of the walls, boiserie filled with pointed arched patterns in white and blue colors.As part of wall decoration became big pilasters of blue marble. The capitals of the columns with stucco and gilding become a continuation of the wide molding, that separates the walls and ceiling. Niches on the ceiling are also filled with stucco decoration that looks airily and volumetric, due to the additional illumination of the ceiling. Two chandeliers in the oriental style as if reflected in each other. Interior designers are very talented improvising with accents of light, filling the house interior design pictures of the living room with a luxurious mood of a wonderful holiday. Some of the furniture interior design of house is entirely decorated using backlighting panels through openwork ornaments. The interior design riyadh fascinates with its beauty and elegance.



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