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Decor Design Majlis Modern Style

The perfect decor design Majlis modern style, this is a great combination of luxurious furniture and elegant decor elements. The interior of a dream, pure emotions and oriental motifs. You will receive the most unforgettable emotions contemplating the luxury items. The light and delicate interior design Majlis Modern Style will bring a sense of joy and positive thoughts. Every detail of the decor are thought out to trifles. Arabic Majlis is a masterpiece of creativity. The interiors of Katrina Antonovich delight and inspire surely. The Decor Design Majlis Modern Style in UAE is filled with ease and tenderness. The sophisticated and elegant design, comfort and coziness, everything is done for real connoisseurs. The soft blue upholstery pleases the eye, not only the owners, but also the guests of the house, creates a good mood and gives the relaxation and positive emotions. Here you can enjoy a quite holiday and comfort. Arabic Majlis in UAE is magnificent in its unique way. The light marble floor covering, soft silk in the decorated windows, the magic crystal glares gentle exclusive decor elements. All of this is an integral and expressive image. The architectural and design company Luxury Antonovich Design creates always the projects that are filled with a deep sense of history and reflect the history of the interior. The Decor Design Majlis Modern Style has a special attraction. The perfect organization of space, highlighted by gold inserts on the wall forms a surprisingly light and festive image. The design studio Luxury Antonovich Design will turn into reality the most original and unique ideas. 


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