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Arabic Majlis in Saudi Arabia

Luxurious Arabic Majlis design in traditional and contemporary flair of an interior decoration created for a private villa in Dubai, UAE. The room design has admirable geometrical patterns and rich textures from ceiling, walls and to floor. A traditional Arabian interior design is manifested through arched doors and windows in adorable framing. It is furnished with modern furniture such as brilliant wooden tables, elegant upholstered sofas and armchairs, and decorative poufs in contrasting of white and blue motifs that seamlessly blend with the home design. A fabulous style of Arabic Majlis creates a cozy and inviting place. The architectural and design studio Luxury Antonovich Design has perfectly underlined the unique traditions of the East, at the same time joined it in a modern style. Lightness, tenderness, fresh flavor were embodied in the elegant Luxury Majlis Design. That is why we pay attention to this interior design in the East. Because the guests are welcomed here. Majlis interior design is considered a pride of the house owners. A cozy pastime and a good mood depends on the decoration of this room. The architectural and design studio Luxury Antonovich Design develops a wonderful Majlis Interior Design with special attention and care. Always remember that you deserve only the best ideas!

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