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Royal Living Room Design

Interior designers managed to combine a maximum of luxurious details in the large living room. The most expensive homes need the most expensive elements of the decor.It requires a lot of talent and experience to create such harmonious and perfect living room interiors in a classic style. Let's look at the ceiling design. There is such of a delightful beauty interior item as stained glass. Luxury stained glass in the Tiffany technique surrounds the elegant crystal chandelier. It is surrounded by soft lighting line, which makes this decor fragment visually floating in the air. The combination of striking design ideas, fine traditions, and modern technology is the basis of the creation of such luxurious and beautiful interiors.But the magnificent decoration of the ceiling does not end there. It snow-white smooth surface is decorated with lush stucco and two additional chandeliers in the classic style. One defines the center of recreation zone near the marble fireplace, the other illuminates area with a white grand piano.In such a living room make soirees by inviting guests. These are the interiors are a real source of pride of house owners. The walls are decorated with cream-colored stucco and graceful swirls of stucco decoration. In such frame worthy looks paintings of artists and refined classic sconces. Art parquet from several kinds precious woods perfectly suited for the decoration of an aristocratic interior.High windows decorated with luxurious classical curtains of blue silk with a golden fringe decor.This is the luxury with perfect accents in the best traditions of the classical style.


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