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Luxury Living Room Dubai

Living room interior design is the whole unit with the hall design. It is in the corridor interior studio designers of Luxury Antonovich Design started perfectly to tell the story of an interior that reflects the tenderness and grace of the owner of an apartment in Dubai. Nice cream shade adjusts to the cozy feel. Two crystal chandeliers in niches surrounded by additional lighting and spotlights enhance the luster of the luxury apartment. The interior looks especially bright and elegant, thanks to the use of accents in the form of a blue LED backlight. Interior designers Dubai use symmetry effect that visually enhances the luxurious appearance of the interior. The front door to the living room is complemented with two console table on gracefully curved legs and stylish mirror in beautiful frames. In the front of this composition columns with decorative pearl belts look delightful. Carved ornament on the marble floor in the interior of the hall begins and proceeds smoothly in the living room, thereby linking these spaces together. Large curls of carved pattern on dark marble are very catchy and look elegant on the background of the overall cream range. Living room design fills apartment with freshness and cleanliness. The mood of home warmth is provided with a decorative fireplace. Sofa charmingly looks at the background of the textile panel, which is lined with cream-colored velvet. The white silk wallpaper with pearly tints, which filled bouseri, perfectly fits into the cozy living room and a luxurious interior.

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