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Contemporary Living Room Interior

Living room interior design in the minimalist style was created by Luxury Antonovich Design, the design studio in Dubai. Design a house attracts a lot and gives an unforgettable sense of aesthetic pleasure. Living room interior design is characterized by the absolute harmony of shapes and lines with concise accents. Dubai Interior Designers skillfully arrange the space of the first floor of the villa in Dubai and highlight the beneficial features of the architectural plan. The epicenter of the home comfort became a modern fireplace, which is mounted in the partition of the natural marble. The fireplace is framed by two similar compositions of soft sofas and  charming coffee tables. The floor in the living room interior is completely decorated with natural wood of valuable species in dark colours. Against the background of dark wood light upholstery of the furniture looks very stylish. The highlight of the house interior design became large panoramic windows, which are present in the living room and open the beautiful landscaping outside. In this part, the interior designers offered to place the dining area. The large dining table surrounded by soft chairs with noble backs expresses the kindness and hospitality of the homeowners. The part of the cozy living room is the staircase portal that leads to the second floor of the villa. The laconic staircase with a balustrade made of transparent glass is complemented by the charming indoor botanical garden. The ceiling design is bright and stylish thanks to the author's lamps.

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