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Luxury Living Room

The Art Nouveau style in modern interiors originated elegant transformations. Keeping the main moments and rules, interior designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design bringing something new to the decoration of luxurious interiors of houses and apartments.This interior of a beautiful living room fully expresses the desire of a person to surround himself with beauty. If we talk about the color scheme of the project, the warmth and tenderness in the room provided by a pleasant range of pastel shades, from milky to beige.To make the space more expressive, the textile designers of Antonovic Design Studio offered luxurious curtains made of silk velvet with a mustard-green hue.In the interior, there is a lot of cozy and luxurious accents. Take a look to the original flowerpots, which are decorated with soft velvet panels. In the ceiling decoration, present an element of romance and novelty.The luxurious modern chandelier is a set of small crystal birds, which are suspended on the finest metal strands.This creates a complete illusion of soaring birds in the air. Another bright and expressive moment in the interior was the decoration of the floors.Against the background of light marble, large monogram ornaments of dark brown marble look very beautiful. An important role in this project plays the ornamental solution, which interior designers masterly repeat in the decor of furniture, walls, and floors. Luxury sofas have rather simple shapes. But nevertheless, furniture looks very luxurious and respectable. It is upholstered with monochrome velvet, and on the sides, it is decorated with carved handmade decor.Also, exquisite openwork patterns are repeated in the decoration of the walls framed by the beautiful decor panels.

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