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Cozy Living room ideas

The design of the living room has become a wonderful way to make quite small space a cozy and luxurious. A special feature of the project was the rectangular configuration of the room.With the help of successful design techniques, the living room acquired a very cozy comfortable and luxurious look.The ceiling decor visually makes it higher and expands the space. Interior designers refused the traditional chandelier.Instead, the interior is illuminated by a soft backlighting line that delineates the niche of the ceiling and ceiling spot lights that are placed around the perimeter.The interior of the beautiful living room is dominated by a creamy-brown range of pastel shades. With the help of dark wood, which is varnished, interior designers make accents.Upholstered furniture took almost the entire perimeter of the wall with a window. The window itself is decorated with beautiful curtains made of noble silk with a touch of cocoa and milk.A soft décor panel becomes bright accent in the interior of the living room.Geometric ornament and the shallow deepenings give this part of the space a very stylish look. Which, in turn, is supplemented by the original mirror. The panel framed by a frame of natural wood and a line of backlighting.The interior design of living room by the studio Luxury Antonovich Design is always the creation of the coziest, functional and luxurious space in one or another style. Also, designers use the mirror reflection method very skillfully. So, two round coffee tables on the floor of natural marble as if reflected in each other. It also visually expands the interior space and harmonizes it.

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