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The luxurious  living room interior in a classic style with a touch of oriental flavour, Baroque and Rococo was developed by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio for the gorgeous villa in Dubai. The interior designers have offered a lush and rich decor to emphasize the high status of the villa owners and cultural traditions. With all finery, pomposity and solemnity, the interior has a charming and gentle character. This is due to the combination of gold shades and pleasant pink colours. The ceiling design expresses the best traditions of classic style with accents of modern technologies. The ceiling is decorated with a niche made of stucco with gold. The niche around the perimeter is outlined with soft white backlight. And in the middle in the best traditions of classic interior, there is a grand chandelier. The floor from Luxury Antonovich Design is a true work of art. After all, with the help of modern laser technology of stone cutting, we can create incredible ornaments. The author’s design combines several types of marble and semi-precious stones. The walls design perfectly fits into the overall picture of the luxurious interior. The boiserie is framed with carved decoration with gilding. And inside the boiserie is filled with luxurious silk wallpaper with printed patterns. To make the living room interior completely harmonious, Dubai Interior Designers have proposed the unique furniture, upholstered in silk and inlaid with precious carved decor.

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