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Living room interior design

The fashion will always be perfection. And in interior design from Katrina Antonovich to this perfection adds a unique, exquisite sense of style and a unique feeling of comfort. And all of these moments perfectly reflect the views of customers about their luxury home. Those who are tired of the routine and can afford the best, addresses to her.When you look at the interior of this room, you realize very clearly, it is the exclusive variant. An interior designer never does the same. Therein lies her talent. By the image of this cozy living room, you can tell a lot about the owners of the house. They are easy, friendly and hospitable people. So what in the first place makes this impression? That's right, this is a living room colors. A bright range of colors, which is dominated by white, cream and pastel blue attracts the eye. The most elegant solution designer's offered for the ceiling . The ceiling has decorated with a niche with backlight through the golden ornaments and two elegant chandeliers. It chandeliers became the the way to identify the center of the two living rooms. Some modesty observed in the decoration of the walls. They are covered with decorative plaster matte cream hue. And this modesty is not accidental. Using it an interior designer highlights the paintings as the main decoration of the walls. To make this part of the space even more expressive walls are complemented by narrow mirrored panels. living room curtains – is tulles with openwork embroidery and delicate silk of blue hue. living room decoration – a perfect combination of colors and textures of materials. 

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