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Classic Living Rooms Ideas

Life is beautiful, full of victories, successes, and achievements. This is what interior designers the of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio wanted to express, creating this design of a living room in a classical style.After all, the owners of the elite house have achieved great success and have high status.They wanted to create their own patrimonial nest, which will delight by the beauty and luxury more than one generation of the family.And it is classical style is a universal way of creating elite interiors that will not be subject to time or tastes changes. The luxurious living room became a natural continuation of the interior of the elegant and magnificent hall. Here, interior designers had masterly combined all the traditional elements of the classical style in the overall picture of a cozy and comfortable room.The ceiling looks most laconic and restrained. His smooth snow-white surface was decorated with a rosette of stucco decor and a chandelier in a classical style.The ceiling outlined by a wide molding with a wave of stucco decoration, which is covered with gold leaf.The additional lighting line makes the ceiling more spacious. In general, the decor of the walls continues the motifs of the hall decoration.In addition, in the living room, there is one very expressive detail. This is a luxurious fresco with art painting, which is framed by an arch and mirrored canvases.A romantic Venetian scenery has brought to the interior a special mood of presence in beautiful Italy. The authors of the project also did not ignore such traditional element of the classical living room, as the marble fireplace. This beautiful symbol of the hearth's warmth is framed by a beautiful marble of brown color with a natural texture.Elite parquet on the floor with a classic pattern and natural Persian carpet make an image of luxury and comfort complete in its noble decoration.

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