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Chic living room

Complete immersion in the purity of lines, the beauty of hues, the ease, elegance and chic of modern luxury occurs when you admire this beautiful interior of the living room in a modern style. Very bright, extravagant and extraordinary project was created by designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design. According to the design project of an elite house in Dubai, for the living room was allocated almost half the house's first floor. In this project, the close interconnection between the work of the architect and designers team allowed already at the idea stage to link individual architectural design and interior design. Thus, achieving absolute harmony. Here we can observe an interesting moment when directly the living room area occupies only a third of the space. Its main part with large windows is allocated for the zone of a large dining area. But let's first look at the living room. Fashionable furniture in a modern style placed comfortably by the fireplace. The sofa and armchairs are upholstered in light beige velvet, which stylishly shades the dark brown edging made of natural wood, varnished. A cozy moment in the form of a natural carpet slightly compensates the coolness of natural marble floor. In the same part of the space, there is also a small kitchen with a bar-counter. The gloss of wood and the shine of polished brass in combination with the flickering of natural marble set a certain mood in this interior. A modern fireplace is built into a large marble partition, which is designed to divide the living room and dining area. And a large dining room for 8 people looks enchanting thanks to stylish lighting details and elegant windows' decor. paint house design, online interior designer services, perfect design house, professional home designer

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