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Luxury landscape Design

Luxury villa in Abu Dhabi, the project of which was developed in the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design has become a pearl of architectural ensemble of the coast. The project reflects the luxury villa in the highest sense of the word. The complex and multifaceted project combined tradition and modernity. Magnificent decoration of the building with modern details like helipads and modern lighting reflects the high status of the owner of the villa. Landscape design began concise continuation of the villa project. With sophisticated author's solutions interior designers Dubai completed an external image of building with a luxurious frame. Quite large area in front of the entrance portal of the building is elegantly complemented with a beautiful fountain in the center. The fountain is framed with two mirrored composition with green plants. The front part of the building sets a festive and solemn mood. The house is surrounded with a cozy park with green lawns and lovely palm trees. Especially nice park becomes at dusk, thanks to exquisite lanterns that decorate the space around the house.


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