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Garden design Dubai from Antonovich Design Studio is a creation of luxurious green oases with colourful and expressive images. In this project Garden design Dubai included a whole range of works.
- Swimming pool design and engineering
- Small architectural forms design and placement
- Landscaping of the area
- Playground design
- Topiary art

A large area around the house has opened space for landscape designers. The project takes into account all the wishes of customers. Large swimming pool with exquisite outlines is surrounded by green plants. The authors of the project have created an image that is close to European natural landscape. Particular attention is paid to the organization of space for children to play. Luxury images of ships, sports facilities serve for useful and interesting recreation. The highlights of the project are green sculptures. Our masters perfectly mastered the art of topiary. Another nice moment is a small pond, exactly the same as ponds in Central Europe. Garden design Dubai is a luxury decoration of architectural images.


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