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Landscape Services in UAE


Landscape modeling and projecting can be easily considered the main basis of art called landscape design. Our landscapers of Luxury Antonovich Design have sufficiently deep scientific knowledge backed up by practical experience. For a complete and finished solution the complex process of landscape design is decomposed into the component parts:

✔ landscape sketch design of the project;

✔ 3D-visualization of the landscape project;

✔ 2D visualization of the landscape project;

✔ master plan for landscape design of the project;

✔ dendrological landscaping plan;

✔ layout drawing;

✔ landing drawing;

✔ plan diagram of the automatic irrigation system;

✔ lighting equipment layout;

✔ geodetic or topographic survey of the land;

✔ working drawings for the implementation of landscape design.


From the first meeting our designers and architects of Luxury Antonovich Design try to set up the best atmosphere of working process and relationship with the customer. Landscape design is not limited only by the selection of appropriate plants and flowers and their placement on the land; it is a mix of a complex versatile process. Carefully chosen color scheme of a future landscape design is able to reinvent and make original even the most submissive project. Our designers supervise the process of work on landscape design and landscaping till the full implementation. Before operating the process of creation the best landscape they conduct a preliminary assessment of developing land. We make analysis of such criteria:

— the idea and the vision of the customer, his/her preferences;

— the function and the purpose of the future landscape;

— climatic conditions of the land;

— terrain/topography (land surveying);

— soil structure and composition;

— the location of connect utilities (water, electricity, sewerage);

— problematic spots of the land (if they are);

— the presence and condition of existing trees, flowers, plants and weeds; architecture of existing buildings.

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