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Landscape design Saudi Arabic

Importance of Landscaping

It is important to design the landscape of a home to showcase the property beyond its gates. The Luxury Antonovich Design wants a simple villa that has a unique outdoor design than the others. The climate in Saudi Arabia is very much warm all year round so the company makes sure that the materials used are durable and perfect for final coatings so that the heat will be minimized and won't transmit that much inside the house. These classic decorations create a classic look. The garden is covered with pergolas do lessen the heat and add a cover that guests and house owners can relax and sit in at night. The garden is surrounded by greeneries, with soft grasses where children can freely play. The Luxury Antonovich Design perfectly captures the exterior and landscape design that fits the country's weather and needs. 

  • Your Landscape design is more than just a pretty style on your outdoors, IT also prevents your land from erosion. It keeps your soil intact as it also adds a nice framework to your garden. 
  • The landscape also adds inviting spaces where you can spend a little quality time. This creates a nice warm background for your garden and outdoor space. 
  • Plants also prevent air pollution which maintains a well-purified air that you and your family can breathe. 

By improving your house design and appeal you also add value and benefit to your home by landscaping. 

Behind the landscape design

As you can see in the image above the landscape is designed for an added feminine touch to your garden, with a touch of luxury. It is also a classic design with modern touches. It has sculpted designs that you can often see in classic and elegant houses. 

  • Sculptures: These sculpted walls and arches are inspired by the Roman style sculpted arches where there are Victorian spirals and leaves. These sculptures will take you back to the Roman empire recreating a palace in the comfort of your own home. 
  • Plants: These colorful plants create a vibrant design that will leave your eyes in awe every time. It creates a refreshing feeling to your home giving you a fun color play that slays your entire outdoor. 

Playing up with your landscape creates a preservation in your environment, this added feature will not only benefit your home, but it will also improve your well being and the environment. The Luxury Antonovich Design firm has been in the industry of landscaping for more than a decade, and being able to add value to your home is their priority. Giving you peace of mind in every step of the construction knowing that professionals are handling your home. 

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