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Landscape Design Ideas

The Art of Landscape

In the heart of every city lies beneath a wonderful house design which is made of concrete and built with the structure that never goes out of style. One thing that sets a home apart from all the other houses in the landscape detail. The landscape gives life to the entire house and it gives more value to your exterior design. Leaving a breathtaking view that is natural and very much calming and soothing not only physically, but also, emotionally, and mentally. 

Ideas of Landscaping

There are different types of landscape depending on the needs and demands of each client. The Luxury Antonovich Design company makes sure that the demands and requirements are met in order to fulfill the client's dream landscape. 

  • Country: A classic country is often designed with a lot of grass and lawns. It requires a large area where you can have different flowers, a waterfall, and even sometimes a large pool area. But the Country type's aesthetic looks more of the rustic style which is laid back and classic. 
  • Meditteranean: The usage of bricks and plant boxes, more vibrant colors, it also has more stones decorations which add another element that touches the earthy style of this landscaping idea. 
  • Formal: More precise in shape and style,m the formal landscape has more geometric patterns that are looking sleek and dapper in every way. It often has a center of attraction and a focal point that is sometimes a gazeebo or a fountain. 
  • Zen: A zen garden tries to mimic a more mini forest-like landscape. More calming and it has more of a relaxing look than the other styles. 
  • Tropical: Having a tropical garden looks more of a sunshine in the midst of the whole landscape. It looks more refreshing with its playful vibrant colors 
  • Herbal: Having a few herbs planted around your landscape, making it a great ingredient for cooking. Herbs are also a great way to make insects stay away from your house because of its fragrant scent. 

This landscape creates a natural environment that blends in with your house environment, it has evolved in the years of generation. As the new age arrives there are new methods in building a landscape that will complement your local environment and put out a great view that will help your house aesthetics look more pleasing. It is important to hire an expert when it comes to building a landscape design. It is not just planting trees and waiting for flowers bloom, It is also about hiding the blemishes of your home and replacing it with a nice view of flora and fauna! 

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