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Extravagant Landscape

A fancy patio is eye-catching to guests, a backyard with a giant garden that is enough to take in guests are perfect for gatherings and brunch on weekends. We may have heard the saying "what's outside the house is as important as what's inside the house." A dream backyard makes a jaw-dropping aesthetics especially when it's situated at the heart of the city. These backyards are personal spaces that also need functionality. When your house is surrounded by luscious lawns with a unique touch that adds a nice warmth that makes your property more pleasing to the crowd. 

The model landscape

In this model, you will see that the design is aesthetically pleasing with every detail from the floors to the garden design, to the pool and the facade. 

  • Patio: Establish a main focal point in your patio, this is the walkway and the most used part of a landscape. Adding ornaments and outdoor details are a great way to decorate a patio. 
  • Greeneries: Landscape will never be complete without the greeneries. The blooming details of plants and florals make the landscape alive and elevated. In the model above the chosen landscape are trees that are perfect for an all year round bloom that's nice during the summer and winter. 
  • The gazebo: It's an open garden structure with a nice hexagon or octagon that adds an accent to the whole landscape. It is a small shelter that serves as a shade in the sun or rain. It is popular as a garden prop that is often associated with a beautiful historical design. 
  • Pool lounge: The outdoor pool detail is a great eye-candy to your landscape.  The pool has around lounge where people can relax and chill. Especially if you do not want to dip in the pool, you can just watch from the lounge and sip on your favorite drink. 
  • Fountain: Adding fountain is a great way to easily add a beautiful accent to the landscape detail. The running water will add a nature and calming effect to the landscape that makes the cool colors fit the surroundings.

This certain landscape design makes the whole lot of additional value to your home. It makes a nice impression that the surroundings are being taken care of and that if your house is beautiful outside, it means it is also beautiful inside. There are some details and designs that only professional architects and designers are able to achieve. When it comes to plants and adding value to property it is best to consult with amazing architects such as the Luxury Antonovich Design company for a great result. 

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